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Brand new and novel

Who We Are?

Rainbow International Entertainment Co., Ltd. was founded on the purpose of a total of 7 colors of rainbow, representing the nature of the company’s business coverage:

  1. Food
  2. Clothing
  3. Housing
  4. Transportation
  5. Education
  6. Entertainment
  7. Beautiful fashion

(The company’s official website is still being revised, so stay tuned😊)

👉We will introduce good foreign foods to the Taiwan market, and let Taiwanese people eat foods that are different from Taiwanese tastes.

👉Homemade brand part (current care products: Okanin, this brand is positioned in the market where the price is cheap and easy to use ~ cost-effective ~, you can go to the official website to see 唷! Follow-up also carry out research and development and planning counter or salon medical beauty level Skin care products (Aokani) skin care products and makeup products, clothing brands.

👉The entertainment section (tourism recording and travel agency cooperation, let you play the same itinerary in the program, enjoy the fun, and the company’s entertainers are engaged in performing arts performances, various product endorsements, promotional marketing and film production)

👉Beautiful part (in addition to the maintenance of make-up clothing, actively promote cross-strait medical beauty and external communication)

Rainbow International Entertainment is to bring you:
Professional quality, fun travel itinerary, special and easy to use and delicious goods, and things related to the United States, let everyone enjoy a colorful life, while doing the best for the community to engage in charity-related activities! !

Please support us a lot, and welcome you to provide us with good suggestions and company product sharing, we will be open-minded for everyone to see this step by step progress! !

Organion Official website to see first,Ingredients and our intentions,(However, the product will be modified afterwards.)

Yunnan Radio and Television Station Introduction to international channels

Yunnan International Channel is a provincial-level satellite TV channel set up to serve China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative. It relies on Yunnan’s strategic location advantages and shoulders the mission of transporting and spreading Chinese culture to South Asia, Southeast Asia, North America and other countries and regions. Through Asia-Pacific No. 5, Zhongxing No. 12, and Taixing No. 5 satellite, covering the whole of China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao), Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan , India and other countries, access to Thailand, Laos, Myanmar cable TV network. At the same time, Yunnan International Channel seamlessly enters the network in Yunnan Province. Kunguang Network is located in 9 sets of CCTV. Without searching, you can see it by pressing the remote number key 9.

Yunnan Radio and Television International Channel speaks from Yunnan, tells the story of China, serves the surrounding diplomacy, covers the population of over 100 million, multi-lingual communication characteristics, the program content combined with today’s headlines, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, iQiyi and other 24 networks The media has spread all-media through the way of cross-screen communication, receiving it anytime and anywhere, and covering a wide range. Since the channel was launched, it has provided excellent services for many enterprises and institutions to publicize and advertise. Yunnan International Channel will set up an image bridge that will lead you directly to the outside world, so that your brand will quickly become famous, reputation and quickly form industry influence.

Focus on the world, focus on hotspots, let us join hands in creating a better tomorrow! We are already on the road.

ASEAN the Internet

ASEAN-Internet, rely on what to make money? The founder said that after opening up the ASEAN 10 countries Internet + ecosystem, LeTV has seven industries including cloud, website, television, mobile phone, automobile, sports and finance. If the hardware does not earn, the content makes money. If the content does not earn, then it depends on advertising or sponsorship to make money. And this is called the eco-sphere economy. “The future competition is not an individual product-to-product, but an ecological circle against the last ecological circle.”

ASEAN-Internet has eliminated the distance from the geographic distance of the business model from the “division of labor” to the “distributed” subversive change.
There is zero distance between the goods of the Internet and the customers. Our company is integrating itself into the nodes of the Internet, rather than the traditional marketing and self-centered closed sales system. The products that our company represents are “borderless” without borders.


In the past, the pioneering roads of the predecessors were all road signs. However, today our company’s exploration is without road signs. We are the openers and pathfinders, and continue to make progress in continuous trials and revisions. Our goal is to create a “connectivity” between countries, between goods, advertising and customers!

With our company and more China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, the alliance of Internet, chain store sales network.

We will create an unparalleled connection mall, we are connected to the “connection” between investors, developers or factories, agents, brand owners between countries. We have eliminated the “centralization” The trading platform allows China’s 1.6 billion Internet users to connect with the ASEAN 2 billion Internet user trading platform to have an opportunity to browse the sales model of our company’s new products and properties. We are actively pursuing our company’s sales strategy. A construction network that subverts and explores.

ASEAN Internet + Subvert the World
Enough mad to catch 680 million users, ASEAN Internet trillion business opportunities, the virtual world in the buying tide is not only for Taiwanese, China’s “Internet +” (see small dictionary) penetrates the range and speed of various industries, To the point of incredible. ASEAN Internet “The future competition is not a product-to-product, but an ecosystem battle against the last ecosystem.”

ASEAN Internet, the Ten-nation plan will build ASEAN into a network power, develop big data strategy, Internet + action plan, broadband network, we will fully develop the network.

Our History