Beautiful to the light Teresa Xu was invited to the Chiang Mai Festival of Lights.

Beautiful to the light Teresa Xu was invited to the Chiang Mai Festival of Lights.

When it comes to Chiang Mai in November, everyone will think of the sky lanterns. In this month, there will be many celebrations about the sky lanterns. The most popular one is the Chiang Mai CAD Lantern Festival, although this event only It took 3 to 4 days, but it made many international tourists a pilgrimage. However, this year, the Chiang Mai Tourism Bureau specially invited artist Teresa Xu to serve as Taiwan’s ambassador to participate in the Lantern Festival’s ceremonial ceremony. Competing to report, who is Teresa Xu? If you mentioned that I was the woman’s biggest fixed team “Hu Niu”, is it everyone’s impression!


Chiang Mai CAD Festival is the most important festival in Chiang Mai in November.

Teresa Xu, before 2015, went to Taiwan’s major programs and served as an assistant host of well-known programs. After 2015, she left the entertainment industry and went to work in the medical beauty company. Because she had a dream for the entertainment industry, she set up a rainbow broker. In the near future, the well-known works, mainly based on the construction of Linkou A7 and the image advertisement of Thai cosmetics, mentioned why the Chiang Mai Tourism Bureau was invited to become a tourism ambassador. In fact, it was also very unexpected. She said: At that time, I left the entertainment industry and decided to concentrate on helping the family to work hard. Therefore, in the past few years, the annual salary has been very impressive, and it is really much better than when it is announced to artists! However, due to the occasional meeting, I participated in several auditions and accidentally selected the screen. I felt that the road of the entertainment circle seemed to open the door for her. In addition, when I first debuted, there were some problems with the broker, this time. It’s more cautious to come back. Rainbow brokers are born under this circumstance. Because they want to do their own business, they don’t want to squander their enthusiasm because of some disputes. The case of Chiang Mai Tourism Bureau can only be said to be purely accidental. After the brand advertisement of Thai cosmetics, the notice came one after another, so you asked me why I can become the sightseeing ambassador of the Chiang Mai Tourism Bureau. The real reason should be that my efforts are seen by the manufacturers. It is really happy to be recognized. of! This time, it is not easy to work as a sightseeing ambassador. Sometimes it is necessary to wear traditional Thai clothing. It is very heavy, and a posture must be placed several times. The expression must be in place. The danger is in Taiwan. In the professional course of upper body and expression, I was able to face this challenge. It was really a minute on the stage and ten years of work.












When referring to the follow-up planning, Teresa Xu was very embarrassed to mention: In fact, the work behind it is full, and then it will be followed by the host of the next season’s foot program in mainland China. There are also cruise ships, skin care products, construction projects, Thai latex products, etc. The invitation of the manufacturer, suddenly the work is so full of incompatibility, but also really happy, because each one is a challenge, I believe that I can certainly overcome, I hope to let myself play 100%, the most perfect state to present In front of the audience.






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