Event news

The Unknown Adventure. The mainland Taiwan host broadcasts a photo shoot.

The mainland Yunnan host broadcasted a photo to promote the filming. It turned out that Taiwan and the mainland have new tourist programs to start shooting, and the first broadcast in Asia. Fantasy journey, by the food players: Guo Yanjun, women, my biggest tiger girl: Teresa Xu, Yunnan TV anchor: Liu Yuchen, explore outdoor travel [...]

The new darling of Linkou A7’s case-building advertisement is her! Still the host of the mainland TV

She has a tall, bumpy and good figure, smiles sweet and moving, and does not laugh when she is cold and envious. She is Teresa Xu, and this is also the new darling of this stand out and successfully won the Akou case advertisement. Maybe everyone is strange to her. However, Teresa Xu has [...]

Artist Tereisa Xu was invited to attend the Thai brand Napatika Napattiga new product release

The founder of the Taiwanese businessman Napattiga, Han Zhikang (Han Zong), was invited to Taiwanese artist Teresa Xu to attend the event in Bangkok. The new product launch of Napattiga Napatika latex negative ion underwear has both aesthetic and health functions, and is functionally feminine. Gospel, I heard that the Napattiga negative ion latex bra [...]