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Thank you for your support for the organizers, as the venue to accommodate the maximum number of activities, with the organizers of the event day security considerations, to take into account the safety of each participant, there are restrictions on the number, once the amount of the full stop registration groups, and can not be open-ended again and again, on the one hand but also safeguard the interests of participant registration fee has been completed. We expect to provide their own dedicated activities best quality and content to everyone, each participant to complete the race safely happy is our expectation, we recommend friends who want to participate in competitions, when the tournament is open on the first registration of the completion of registration and payment action so be sure that your competition rights, registration will be open until the relevant information published in the official website (www.herosports.com.tw), FB fan page (www.facebook.com/heroes.allsports), as well as the tournament site Please pay more attention to the relevant information.

No payment orders can be canceled after the self-registration system login, and then again with friends groups reported it, since each ID card number only once in the same race event registration, please be sure to pay attention to cancel the original registration, otherwise Mission timekeeping will be unable to enter your information Oh.

Possible. You just ask a friend group registration is completed, first without payment, and within 72 hours of the payment deadline, call Yi Beite Registration Network (02) 2951-6969, informed customer service staff to participate in the tournament name, and you have to pay the individual applicants Not payment order number and order number group registration, 伊贝特 two pen for you to order consolidation, are subject to change due to the number of orders on the merger, costs may be adjusted, customer service staff will inform the proper payment amount, then please you make the payment in accordance with this amount.

Please want to add a friend, in accordance with the number of additional individual or group registration, not after the first registration fee, the subsequent follow 1.3 Yi Beite way to electrical contact can be. Note that if the deadline has passed, or the number of constituencies has been full amount within the deadline, you will not be able to increase the quota.

If you can sign up at the registration page, indicating that the group still has a quota; conversely, if the page can not apply for registration, indicating that the group has filled the whole amount, select other groups to register. Due to the registration deadline, the organizers can not know the number of surplus places, and therefore can not be notified, please forgive me.

In order to safeguard the interests of contestants to complete payment within the payment period, if you still do not pay after the payment deadline expired, activity-based equity, the organizers can not extend your payment deadline, the payment is not completed within the time limit, the original order is void , you need to re-register, and complete payment within the time limit in order to consolidate their own interests. Basically system payment deadline, complete from the time you fill out the registration information sent after the point of starting, there are 72 hours of time to pay the bill, if you are not sure can go to the convenience store to pay within 72 hours, we recommend using the online credit card, can apply instant carried out after the completion of payment.

As some players want high mileage category souvenirs, but just ran low mileage category, thus constituency replacement made after the registration application, to improve work efficiency, especially the new group selection is set to the registration system, when to apply it to complete the replacement work groups! If you have reserved a souvenir but high mileage running low mileage requirements change, please refer to the following ways to register.
Example: the players want to take half-horse group 21K supplies, leisure group actually wanted to run 3K.

For as long as there are places in groups under the premise of change, can be modified to the group; if the number of the group has FULL, you can not modify for you, please forgive me.
If I want to change the requirement after the completion of the registration groups, please within three days after the deadline for registration, call Yi Beite Registration Network (02) 2951-6969, to amend the demand, there will be someone for you to handle, than the application deadline will not be accepted Please pay special attention.
1. high to low: Direct Change Group
2. low to high: pay the difference after the change group registration fee categories.