Teresa’s profile

Teresa(Birthday:Dec 18th),Taiwanese female artist.

Born in Tainan City, Taiwan Province of China, he graduated from the Department of Nursing of Chang Gung Institute of Technology. He is currently engaged in performing arts and is active in: variety shows, planes, dramas, advertising endorsements, program hosting, and was once the biggest fixed-team “Hu Niu” of women. It also recorded a generation of empresses, Guoguang help, spicy Tianhou Palace, variety show and other programs, but also photographed the stun magazine, Ke Mengbo Dan, cool magazine interview, Manhattan wedding sample and other planes.

In 2018, the sea successfully took over the host of the next season’s footsteps of the mainland satellite TV program, and also went to Chiang Mai to participate in the annual Water Lantern Festival sightseeing ambassador.

Acting experience


  • I guess I guess I guess guess the bikini beauty male vote champion
  • First place in Jiaosheng Beauty Ambassador
  • Uno girl online vote first place


  • True Love, now the sixth episode, Zhao Zikai, girlfriend


  • Online program, sister, favorite interview
  • Interview with Sanli News
  • Apple Daily Interview
  • Entertainment New World News Interview


  • Women, my biggest first women’s army, Hu Niu
  • One generation queen
  • Guoguang helps the show guests and assistants to host
  • Spicy Tin Hau Temple
  • Love my mom
  • Blow out the Liz sister
  • Happy Wisdom Star
  • Variety collection
  • Mobile Park
  • Continental China Entertainment TV falls in love with women’s fragrance

Main works


  • Yue’s mineral water advertisement (deer girl)
  • 7-11/24hr breakfast (nurse article)
  • McDonald’s breakfast articles
  • TOYOTA car advertising
  • First place for Uno girl voter election

Graphic works

  • Stunner Magazine
  • Cosmopolitan
  • cool magazine interview
  • Manhattan Wedding Sample Plane
  • Tibetan wedding sample plane
  • Taipei Paris Paris Wedding Sample Plane
  • Car News Magazine Page
  • Weekly cover
  • Levis denim apparel flat directory
  • Spicy Tin Hau Temple Spicy December Calendar Girl


  • benQ press conference
  • Fuji Camera Press Conference
  • UNO girl
  • yahoo Yahoo Shopping Center Event Exhibition
  • Taipei Shinko Mitsukoshi Apparel Show
  • samsung Samsung corby mobile phone press conference, event meeting
  • msi press conference
  • Thailand Lantern Festival Sightseeing Ambassador
  • Thailand brand Napatattia new product launch conference

Personal endorsement

  • China Best Cruises
  • Thai Okanin Skin Care
  • Thailand Heal Latex Pillow
  • Taiwan Linkou A7 Real Estate