The new darling of Linkou A7’s case-building advertisement is her! Still the host of the mainland TV

The new darling of Linkou A7’s case-building advertisement is her! Still the host of the mainland TV

She has a tall, bumpy and good figure, smiles sweet and moving, and does not laugh when she is cold and envious. She is Teresa Xu, and this is also the new darling of this stand out and successfully won the Akou case advertisement. Maybe everyone is strange to her. However, Teresa Xu has actually participated in countless print advertisements, programs and events. This time, she even became the host of the mainland TV station, and her efforts are fruitful!


Teresa Xu is 170 centimeters tall and 52 kilograms tall. She used to be the woman’s biggest fixed-team “Hu Niu”, so everyone should be able to associate it together. At the same time, she also recorded a generation of empresses, Guoguang to help, spicy Tianhou Palace, Well-known programs such as the variety show, and also photographed the magazines of stunner magazine, Ke Mengbodan, cool magazine, and the sample of Manhattan wedding dresses. What is even more impressive is that she also successfully took over the mainland satellite TV next season. The journey presided over the work, and also went to Chiang Mai to participate in the annual Sightseeing Ambassador of the Lantern Festival. The endorsements came one after another, cruises, skin care products, construction projects, Thai latex products, etc.. It can be said that it is a full-time artist, and the road is re-created. Peak.


Looking back at Teresa Xu’s work experience, she graduated from the nursing department of Chang Gung Institute of Technology. After graduation, she worked in the Bank as a nursing job. Because of her beautiful appearance, she was also in the middle of the brokerage company. Star Road is about to start, but in 2015 to help her family’s doctors. The US career gradually left the entertainment circle, but her strength also made the family medical beauty work quite smooth. In just two years, Trersa Xu’s annual salary exceeded 5 million, which is basically a victory group.

But for Teresa Xu, it’s just that a “dream” has not yet been realized. That is to return to the entertainment industry. This dream has been in her heart for a long time. Teresa Xu does not say anything. Now the live broadcaster is more beautiful and young. Only by constantly enriching the profession can we return to the entertainment industry, just like learning more about physical movements and performances, all in order to practice our dreams.


This time, Teresa Xu chose to set up a brokerage company first, and as her own boss, and the nobles helped each other and their own efforts, after all, there was a return. This year, due to the marginal meeting, firstly, the plane model that successfully won the case of Linkou’s case was shot, and it was necessary to become the mainland TV line. The host of the show is the first step in returning to the success of performing arts. Teresa Xu also said that along the way, with gratitude, he will be more devoted to the show, and will not be afraid of hard work. He only hopes to practice step by step, let everyone hear “Teresa Xu” and know who she is. .

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