The Unknown Adventure. The mainland Taiwan host broadcasts a photo shoot.

The Unknown Adventure. The mainland Taiwan host broadcasts a photo shoot.

The mainland Yunnan host broadcasted a photo to promote the filming. It turned out that Taiwan and the mainland have new tourist programs to start shooting, and the first broadcast in Asia.


Fantasy journey, by the food players: Guo Yanjun, women, my biggest tiger girl: Teresa Xu, Yunnan TV anchor: Liu Yuchen, explore outdoor travel reality show, Taiwan and cross-strait cooperation programs broadcast! Footprints throughout the world’s food attractions, holy places ~ go! The fantastic journey is waiting for a different visual enjoyment for the Asian audience.

Yunnan International Channel is a provincial-level satellite TV channel set up to serve China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative. It relies on Yunnan’s strategic location advantages and shoulders the mission of conveying and spreading Chinese culture to South Asia, Southeast Asia, North America and other countries and regions. Through Asia-Pacific No. 5, Zhongxing No. 12, and Taixing No. 5 satellite, covering the whole of China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao), Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan , India and other countries, access to Thailand, Laos, Myanmar cable TV network. At the same time, Yunnan International Channel seamlessly enters the network in Yunnan Province. Kunguang Network is located in 9 sets of CCTV. Without searching, press the remote number key 9 to see it.

The international channel of Yunnan Radio and Television has voiced from Yunnan, telling the story of China, serving the surrounding diplomacy, covering the population of over 100 million, multi-lingual communication characteristics, the program content combined with today’s headlines, Netease, Sohu, Sina, iQiyi and other 24 networks The media has spread all-media through the way of cross-screen communication, receiving it anytime and anywhere, and covering a wide range. Since the channel was launched, it has provided excellent services for many enterprises and institutions to publicize and advertise. Yunnan International Channel will set up an image bridge that will lead you directly to the outside world, so that your brand will quickly become famous, reputation and quickly form industry influence.




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